How to Make Money on TBT

How to earn money in TheBlackTube Partner Program

The Black Tube is a unique video platform which offers numerous ways which you can generate revenue.

Here are the different ways to earn monthly revenue:

Channel memberships: With a pro membership users are able to make recurring monthly payments to your channel in exchange for special perks that you offer. You set the price for your monthly membership!

Rent or Sell your videos: With a pro membership you are able to list your videos with a rent or buy price. Users who rent your video will get 48 hours to watch your video, while users who purchase your video will have access to that particular video for a lifetime. You set the price!

Donations: Pro members have access to a donate button which will be featured under their videos. This donate button links directly to your PayPal account and gives your subscribers the ability to send you money directly from your video.

Advertising revenue: The standard form in which you get ad revenue from display, overlay, and video ads.

Points System: You can earn points by Uploading, watching, commenting, liking or disliking videos on TBT. You can then visit your balance tab in settings and cash out those points for real dollars!

License My Videos: Upload your best videos to our license my videos section. Once uploaded your content will be shopped through the Tv & Film industry for tv spots, commercials and much more! You set the price you want to license your content for and we'll do the rest!

Sponsorships: Every month we offer various sponsorship opportunities to our content creators. This is an opportunity to work with major brands and earn revenue for promoting their products or services in your videos