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366 Views· 04/27/24· TBT Comedy

S2-E14: “Real-Went-Wrong / Smells Rich / Loose Neck Jamboree!”

The fellas start off this week’s episode as a living PSA about the need for better public school education! By the time we actually start the topic, they have discussed if “Keeping It Real” is still a good policy as a grown person. In true QPL show fashion, the fellas spill the beans about who they will or will NOT keep it 100% real & why. Before you judge, EVERYONE will agree with 1 of these people…even you! Then to dig the ditch even further into the gutter, they tackle specific questions that they refuse to even ask…just because they don’t WANT to know the truth. 2 words…BODY COUNT!!! This week, segments are back with both barrels…The “Flim-Flammery” is BACK, with Doc showing just how cheap he is when it comes to cologne & followed by a wild “Story-Time” where Ant almost got his cousin BODIED…by Ant’s own mother! It’s another wild ride, so come and join us!

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Great video
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