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346 Views· 03/23/24· TBT Comedy

S2-E9: “HOW do YOU Have Friends???/Toothpaste Water”

The fellas are back & just when you thought they had calmed down, or matured a tiny bit…it just ain’t so!!! This week, the fellas discuss what characteristics they look for and need in a friend. Both fellas say they need people to be brutally honest with and TO them, but also willing to lie FOR them. They also describe moments when they each have drifted from being honest over to being a HATER! Doc tells a story about how when he was 400lbs, he had to always work overboard to not be BOTH fat AND stank! Ant admits that he once endured the worst of the dumpster-juice smell to…uhm…achieve a “goal”. Then, in this week’s FLIM-FLAMMERY segment, Doc tells a story of the real reason he doesn’t like sitting in the main sanctuary at his church...and let’s just say, THEY shouldn’t LET him back in there either! In short, this week’s episode is full of the kind of potty humor you KNOW you have with your friends too! So sit back, turn your speakers up and make people in public uncomfortable!

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21 days ago
Very entertaining!
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Dileep Singh

23 days ago
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Preciate cha!
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