Ap 1nabillion is the man behind one of YouTube's favorite families the So in love family.

As a tech entrepreneur Ap is known for developing apps and sites which millions of users use everyday! Ap also loves fast luxury cars. Audi has been his car of choice as he currently owns 3 Audis!

Ap along with his wife Dangerus Diva own Welcome 2 Media LLC. A multimedia company which helps influencers produce viral videos and turn internet success into lucrative careers. Welcome 2 Media is responsible for billions of hours of viral content streamed across the web.

As a musician Ap 1nabillion is known for a variety of energetic rhyme flows, catchy metaphors and addictive hooks. His recent songs Unstoppable and Baby Shark have generated a buzz, reaching over 300 Million streams!

As a producer his tracks have catchy chords and a raw sound which stands out in such a unique way that you always know when its an Ap 1nabillion track. SUBSCRIBE AND ENJOY THE LIFE OF AP 1NABILLION!

Gender: Male

Country: United States