Founder of The Black Tube launches Faith Based School for Influencers in Southern California

T.B.T. is your gateway to a vibrant community where creativity knows no bounds. Founded by visionary Jamahl "Coach AP" Morton Sr, the brilliant mind behind the meteoric rise of various successful cont..

Above is a photo of our first classroom at TBT Institute. Let me tell you the inspiration behind our Specialized Faith Based School.
So I read a statistic that said Black content creators are far behind other creators. I then did research and found out that of the top 200 Youtube earners only 5% were Black. Out of that 5% of Black Youtube earners 10 of the 11 were iconic people (Rihanna, Michael Jackson, Drake).  This troubled me because it showed that unless you were on an iconic level of influence it was much harder for black content creators to achieve success on YouTube.
I spoke with my team and we collectively decided to do something about it! The Black Tube was then launched!
I've spent over 25 years in the digital space and have helped numerous content creators become successful as influencers. My wife and sons are prime examples having achieved major success as influencers and even getting to do television with Nickelodeon. We've decided to share our wisdom and knowledge to other inspiring influencers.
We are now 2 months of classes in at TBT Institute Influencer School.  An average of 25 students are either learning online or traveling from across the US to California to attend our school in person.  
One of our recent students, 22 year old Gamer Influencer, Kendall "K Dizzy" Clyburn moved from Rochester New York to California to not only attend TBT Institute in person, but to also become a live in intern at The Black Tube's TBT Studios LA location.
Our school is open to students of all ages and ethnicities. We have a heavy emphasis on faith based principals and celebrating Afrocentric culture. Course curriculum includes classes in media, marketing, branding, acting, networking, public speaking, AI, financial literacy, graphic design, coding, web development, contract negotiation, music production, vocal training, writing, recording, health fitness and more!
Our goal is to train up thousands of students into kingdom minded influencers. These influencers will become the stars of tomorrow that will make the physical and internet world a safer and better space.
At TBT Institute students will learn how to transform their lives through technology and social media just as Coach Ap has done.
Below are some of our student needs:
Tuition   (Education)
Housing (Room fully furnished)
Food      (Board 3 Daily Meals)
Supplies (Books, Computer, Smartphone, DSLR Camera, Lighting Kit, Tripod, Graphics and Editing Software)
Travel     (transportation to and from school and church, as well as funds to explore Southern California for research purposes)
Donate now to our non profit The Black Tube Institute Inc and help the next generation of creators get a head start on technology by learning from the greats!



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This is an example of what our TBT Institute school will look like in the future
New School for TBT Institute




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Don’t sleep on getting empowered to overcoming every challenge sent your way…
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2 months ago
Let’s goo! Support in the next historic thing while we’re in the early stages 📈🔥
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