They Not Like Us

These other video platforms are not like TheBlackTube!

They Not Like Us!

These other video platforms are not like TheBlackTube!

We have a system in place which pays every user for engagement and referrals. As we all generate more money we can improve our lifestyle and live in safer communities where we are not targeted simply because of the color of our skin.

Remember this...Everyday you watch and engage in videos, everyday you send friends over to TheBlackTube you are not only getting paid but you are helping black communities across the globe get one step closer to wealth and true independence.


Watch Kendrick Lamar's They Not Like Us Video Now

We have the new Kendrick Lamar They Not Like Us music video in 4K on TheBlackTube.com!  Click the Picture above, then log in to TheBlackTube and GET PAID for watching liking and comment on the hottest song of the summer!

How TBT is helping our people!

TheBlackTube.com is the solution! Get paid on TheBlackTube for the same things you do for free on every other major platform (likes, comments, watching videos and referrals). From sports, entertainment, music and comedy to education, religion, news and activism, The Black Tube offers a space where diverse voices can thrive.  Every user gets their own wallet on TheBlackTube. Start earning money today you can use to pay for gas, groceries, bills and entertainment!

How you can help our people!
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