Viral Family BURNED by YouTube tells story of how Jesus saved them from losing everything!

Viral Family BURNED by YouTube tells story of how Jesus saved them from losing everything and made them founders of new content creator kingdom TheBlackTube!

So in Love Family at Josiah's Dedication
I used to watch the scene over and over of the 1925 attack from the Klan burning down a young Malcolm X home and killing his father, a man of faith who had committed no crimes and was simply bettering his people and his family. I'd watch with watery eyes and wonder how could people be so hateful! Why didn't anyone come to help the family?
Almost 100 years later here I am this successful black man raising my 2 boys with my beautiful wife. We have built a following of millions of subscribers online. Every video of our God fearing So in Love Family Show is reaching millions of viewers on YouTube. Im able to provide a luxury lifestyle for my family and even aide some of my extended family til one day the modern version of the Klan steps in.

Instead of burning down your physical houses now they burn down your digital homes. We would receive hate mail all the time, comments with racial slurs (So in Black Family, So in N*gg8r Family) but the love always outweighed the hate! We would experience multiple times in which our channels were hacked (Perpetrator breaking in and entering and vandalizing your property) When I would complain to YouTube support (The police of that world) They'd say change your passwords (Change your locks to your house)
One day I wake up and our ENTIRE SOINLOVEFAMILY CHANNEL HAS BEEN DELETED! Everything my wife and I worked so hard to build from 2013-2020 has been DELETED! (Being Awaken to the Klan fire bombing your property and destroying everything until you have nothing left!) I wrote emails to YouTube support and they said there's nothing we can do! Your channel was a threat to our community! This let me know that all along it was them who were the perpetrators hacking my channels. How is a positive, God fearing family who brought high quality videos with zero foul language, taught life lessons, created professional music videos that the world loved a threat to your community??? Written by Coach Ap

To be continued on The Black Tube website TheBlackTube.com. A world where our people are safe and empowered. A place where WE control the narrative!

Isaiah 1:17 Learn to do well; seek judgment, relieve the oppressed, judge the fatherless, plead for the widow.
God has upgraded the So in Love Family! He has given us NEW Garments. We are on a NEW Level! He has made us ROYALTY in a NEW Kingdom. That Kingdom is The Black Tube. Join our Kingdom where LOVE RULES OVER EVERY RULE!



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