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87 Views· 06/07/24· Gaming

COD Black Ops 3 Extreme Intensity + Visibility SweetFX

Delon Butler
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Download Link for SweetFX mod: https://www.mediafire.com/file/1k52svbgkgti7go
This is a throwback video with before & after screenshots only, from the actual game and it's one of my favorite mods I created. I made this video awhile ago when I was making videos for my YouTube channel prior to having to sue. Anyhow, I wasn't able to make a split-screen video because Bandicam was screwing up royally. I don't use Bandicam anymore, even though I paid for the license. I use OBS Studio now, which is FREE, and it works flawlessly. Just wish I had found that out before buying Bandicam. Lol.

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1 month ago
Looks great without dual videos. I can see the difference. Awesome! ☺👍✌
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Delon Butler

1 month ago
COOL! And THANKS! ✌️😁👍
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